Thursday, 26 July 2012
ThinkVines Article on Fobes: Big Data? Try Smart Data
by Mark Battaglia

Too often, this leads to an all-encompassing focus on data management – collecting, cleansing and converting data – that leaves little time, energy or resources to understand its potential uses.” So much of the “big data” discussion seems focused on that topic rather than the more difficult topic of determining the “smart data” and predictive analytics actually needed to inform key business decisions. As Sloan notes, “By defining the desired insights first, organizations can target specific subject areas and use readily available data in initial analytical models.” As CEO of ThinkVine, a company with software that enables B2C marketers to optimize their marketing mix and drive ROI by providing marketplace simulations that evaluate alternatives scenarios, I see market leading organizations already realizing value from smart data approaches, while others are still mired in the early stages of expensive, and too often unfocused, big data projects.

Click here to read the full article in Forbes.

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