Agent-Based Modeling

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Boost Media Value Event in Australia

Mark Battaglia, ThinkVine Chief Executive Officer, presented at the Boost Media Value event in Sydney this month with TrinityP3 and Datalicious on agent-based modeling, a breakthrough approach to marketing mix optimization. In his presentation he discuss how new consumer behavior is changing the marketing landscape; why agent-based modeling is a smarter appraoch to MMO; and how organizations are achieving a greater ROI by connecting consumer behavior to marketing decisions.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Agent-Based Modeling | Marketing Mix Optimization Whitepaper

Fundamental shifts in the consumer marketing landscape have created a demand for better ways to understand both consumers and the marketing used to influence them. Historically, firms have used a variety of statistical techniques to build mathematical representations of the relationship between marketing spend and the resulting outcomes, typically some measure of sales. And in the past when there were fewer options on how to spend marketing dollars, these techniques fit the requirement well. Today, the number of options available to connect with consumers has exploded – each with unique measurements, resulting in a general lack of confidence in the effectiveness of traditional statistical modeling tools.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Boosting Media Value Event

TrinityP3, ThinkVine and Datalicious have combined forces to host a 360° media event Oct. 4 in Sydney, New South Wales to help clients and partners boost the value generated from their current media investment. Aimed at senior marketing professionals, you will get access to the latest cutting edge tips and techniques that advanced marketers are employing both here and in the US to optimise their media spend, including cutting edge insights and case studies on the agency optimisation process, media mix modelling and media attribution analytics.

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