Monday, 29 October 2012

Digital Conversation in the Boardroom

Damon Ragusa, ThinkVine Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, presented at the iStrategy Digital Marketing Conference in Chicago this month on elevating the digital converstaion in the boardroom. In his presentation he discusses the steps marketers should take to link their digital marketing to financial performance and forecast future results.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Future of Marketing: A New Model Where Offline & Online Become One

The screaming pace of technology has evolved the role media plays in how people consume and share information from special reports and broadcasts to being intertwined in the fabric of everyday life. Digital and emerging media channels continue to advance and complicate the choices marketers have at their disposal to reach and engage their target audiences but few organizations have turned the change into a way to benefit their success.

A recent study by the CMO Council reported that just 9% of 200 global marketers have a highly evolved, integrated marketing model with a clear, proven evolution path. This is a staggeringly low number, but not surprising when you peel back the layers of how marketers plan today.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Marketing Optimization in the Digital Age

With the proliferation of consumer devices and emerging media channels, marketers must harness these changes and the associated data to drive ROI in the digital age. The opportunity for interactive marketing goes beyond individual social applications to enhancing a variety of marketing channels throughout the customer experience – playing a key role in the customer’s journey to making a purchase.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Death of the Last Click

It seems the notion of the ‘last click’ in advertising isn’t yet dead but is likely on death’s door. The ‘last click’ is a reference to how marketers and marketing analysts have put more emphasis on the last impression before a purchase. This impression is frequently the most measurable advertising impact such as search or banner ads…click it then buy it. But logic insists that many other events have influenced the consumer along the way. Those other influences get deemphasized when marketers simply ‘count the things they can count’. The last click problem is fundamentally a gap between the things we can measure and actual consumer behavior.