Our Approach to Marketing Mix Optimization

A virtual marketplace, powered by real-world consumer behavior

Using an innovative, bottom-up approach, ThinkVine replicates reality by creating a custom virtual marketplace where marketers can measure purchase behavior across consumer groups and by marketing activity.


First, ThinkVine mathematically builds a population of simulated consumers called an agent population. Using a rich database of timely demographic and media consumption data from a variety of renowned sources, ThinkVine configures its agents to be highly representative of the real-world consumer population. This process gives marketers a highly accurate view of the market as it is today—not as it was last quarter, or last year.


ThinkVine then informs the agents’ purchasing behavior using customer-supplied sales and market data as well as marketing science for factors including category purchase probability and frequency—all of which help ThinkVine form the most realistic marketplace simulation available to marketers anywhere.


Next, ThinkVine’s experts develop a unique, customer-specific market model, where agents respond to marketing activities and make purchases within the product category—just like real consumers do. The model also incorporates information on the competition, so you can be sure the information you receive is pertinent to real-world market scenarios. ThinkVine’s models provide marketers with unprecedented forward-looking guidance, revealing the potential ROI of their integrated marketing strategies, as well as unparalleled historical insight.


Finally, ThinkVine’s software enables marketers to quickly and easily run unlimited “what if” marketing plan scenarios in a frequently updated virtual marketplace. In every scenario, ThinkVine’s cross-channel attribution analyzes activities in both on- and offline channels, giving marketers unprecedented insight on optimal short- and long-term resource allocation.

A breakthrough approach to marketing mix optimization

Instead of forcing marketers to rely on year-old data, ThinkVine lays the foundation for an agile, ongoing planning process. ThinkVine’s software-as-a-service approach provides marketers with unparalleled historical insight as well as rich, forward-looking guidance for marketing activities across:

  • Consumer groups
  • Products
  • Channels
  • Geographies

With ThinkVine, marketers can quickly respond to market changes and confidently implement adjustments to their marketing mix, so they always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Get started to see how ThinkVine’s cutting-edge approach to marketing mix optimization ensures your marketing efforts are agile enough to keep up with today’s ever-changing consumer.