What is ThinkVine?

ThinkVine's marketing mix optimization software provides B2C marketers with the forward-looking information they need to get the maximum return across all their marketing investments. With ThinkVine, marketers make better strategic decisions about spending levels, tactics and timing across consumer groups, products, channels and geographies.  Using innovative consumer behavior modeling, our breakthrough ThinkAhead Technology creates a custom, virtual marketplace that simulates how targeted consumers will respond to different marketing plans. Our software provides marketers with rich historical insights and better short- and long-term forecasts of ROI and sales, as well as support for an agile, objective ongoing planning process. 

How does your software work?

Using an innovative, bottom-up approach, ThinkVine replicates reality by creating a custom virtual marketplace where marketers can measure purchase behavior across consumer groups and by marketing activity. ThinkVine’s cloud-based, software-as-a-service technology combines demographic info, market and category data, consumer behavior data, and marketing science to model the collective influence of a marketing plan on how people buy. Within the software, marketers can then quickly and easily run unlimited “what if” marketing plan scenarios to measure and analyze how varying on- and offline tactics influence purchases within consumer segments for more actionable short- and long-term forecasts of ROI and sales volume. 

What industries does ThinkVine work in?

ThinkVine works with market leaders across all industries but specializes in consumer packaged goods (CPG), food & beverage, financial services, pharmaceutical, and consumer services.

Did ThinkVine pioneer agent-based modeling (ABM) as a decision support technique?

Widely-accepted by the science community, agent-based modeling has been around for decades, used by sociologists, anthropologists, the U.S. Military (war planning), the U.S. Department of Transportation (traffic patterns) and businesses (supply chain planning). ThinkVine has emerged as a leader in utilizing the technique for consumer behavior modeling and forecasting. 

How much data does your software require from customers?

ThinkVine configures its agents to be highly representative of the real-world consumer population using a rich database of timely demographic info, media consumption data and marketing science from a variety of renowned sources. Typically, customers provide sales and marketing data for the past 12-24 months to inform the agents’ purchasing behavior. With every customer implementation, we first look at the data they have and then put together the best plan moving forward. 

How will we know if the software is working?

During the customer implementation phase, ThinkVine’s analysts build and calibrate a custom model that recreates the past two years of sales data by establishing consumer-centric rules that explain why sales outcomes occurred. This model is then validated by comparing it against the most recent 6-months of actual sales data to a simulation of that same 6-month period. Once this is completed, customers can be confident the forecasts are accurate for every “what if” scenario run.

How long does it take to get the software up & running initially?

ThinkVine has a fast, full-service implementation process that typically takes 4 months and includes guidance delivery and software training. 

How is the software accessed?

The software is a hosted application accessible via our website.

What is included in a ThinkVine subscription?

Our standard software subscription includes a fast, full-service implementation including: strategic guidance delivery; ongoing support for an agile, objective planning process; software training; and ongoing software data updates and software support.

How long has ThinkVine been in business?

Damon Ragusa, ThinkVine’s Chief Strategy Officer, founded ThinkVine in 2000 as a custom solutions consultancy.  ThinkVine launched its Marketing Mix Optimization software in 2009.

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